Football is known to be the world’s most popular game. It is not only played between two different nations from around the world but also in our localities.


Karate training were conducted for enabling the students to mould themselves to multifaceted talents. Karate training many benefits for children it helps to improve physical fitness.

Rifle Shooting

School takes a great caring providing plat form for the children to improve their problem solving skill, concentration and also enabled children to mould themselves to multifaceted talents.


The game of chess helps students learn to concentrate, think logically, overcome also helps with the development of problem solving skill, patients and self- discipline.


Arts and crafts develop your kid's creativity which is an important skill throughout their lives. Because creativity focuses on the process of forming new ideas through exploring.


Volleyball is a fun and physically demanding game played by two opposing teams. Each team has six players, and the goal is to score points by keeping the ball in the air.

Brain Gym Games

To achieve quality education and bringing our smart energetic and intelligent citizens of our world, school started Brain gym exercise for children.


Children get better at dealing with anxiety and stress because they learn to incorporate relaxation and breathing techniques into daily life. Increases attention span,confidence, improves concentration and also helps to maintain flexibility.


Music therapists work across a broad spectrum of need in a wide variety of settings to enable children and young people to explore and express thoughts and feelings, nuture social interaction and communication skills, encourage creative and spontaneous play.


Athletics is a group of sporting events that involves competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field.


Drawing actively opens your brain to creative thinking. Developing a sense of imagination helps stimulate the brain, creating new pathways allowing you to process new ideas and engage in creative problem-solving.Art has been very well known to have unique effects.